Join us for a 6 session, bi-monthly workshop for women on (re)-building self-esteem after betrayal:

01/24 | 02/07 | 02/21 | 03/07  | 03/21/2022 | 04/04/2022

6-7:30 p.m. Pacific Time via zoom

REGISTER: CALL or TEXT Dr. Sibylle (917) 620-0481 |


Workshop Agenda

Week 1: What’s at stake;

We will continue with Week 2: Connection and self-esteem;

Join us for Week 3: Trust and self-esteem;

Agenda for Week 4: Addiction- an intimacy disorder;

Brainstorming during Week 5: Applied self-esteem;

Consolidate with us during Week 6: Esteeming relationships.

Optional reading: Harriet Lerner on Mothers and Daughters.


Also available: Dr. Sibylle’s online class for women discovering betrayal: From Betrayal to Choice and Voice. For your growth and healing at whatever time conducive with your schedule. Visit   for all of Dr. Sibylle’s classes.