Resources for Healthy Sexuality In Southern California

Sexual Health Through Education and Skill Building

Physical Vitality

My vision is to strengthen four dimensions of health in my clients: biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. Holistic vitality can follow. Take your vitality assessment here.


Strategies to strengthen your biological health

    • Mindful Eating
    • Balanced Physical Exercise
    • Use of Relaxation Scripts

Schedule time with your primary care physician or any specialist he/she may recommend so that potential underlying medical problems (such as hypothyroidism, hormone imbalances, chronic infections) receive medical attention.

Physiological symptoms when you are dealing with change

Stopping behaviors (especially those that are as frequent that they may meet the criteria for an addiction) can induce difficult feelings and strong urges to continue in old behaviors. If your brain is impacted by an addiction, you will need to recognize that your prior attempts to cut back or stop have note been successful. This is in part due to the fact that you have an impaired frontal lobe ‘filter’ – so when impulses arise, you’re not able to say “No” and behaviorally stay on track with your long term goals.

You also need the education, support, and equipping that will come with a structured recovery program, including a focus on the co-occuring issues that are likely contributing to your struggles, particularly some of the emotionally traumatic events in early life.

It will be critical for you to deal with the environmental and relational triggers that contribute to your urges, and anchor yourself in environments that equip you to live a clean and healthy life. Short-term fixes are insufficient; this is going to take a radical transformation of your lifestyle, and a re-aligning of your behavioral choices with your core values.

Mindful eating strategy

It will be critical for you to gently attend to your food intake. Look up a registered dietitian who can guide you through any transformation of your lifestyle, and a re-aligning of your behavioral choices with your core values.

Balanced physical exercise strategy

Schedule a physical exam with your primary care physician before you are making changes to the degree of movement and physical exercise in your life. Regular Exercise has been found to help:

  • Protect brain cells against toxins including free radicals and excess glutamate;
  • Repair damaged DNA;
  • Reduce the risk of cognitive impairment, heart disease, and stroke;
  • Improve cholesterol and fat metabolism, while improving blood, oxygen, and glucose delivery to tissues;
  • Reduce risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, colon and breast cancer;
  • Naturally treat ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

Strategies to strengthen your psychological health

  • Develop an esteem based sexuality
  • Gently reduce shame
  • Work with a professional to relief grief
  • Practice gratitude

Studies have shown that the above techniques increase resilience of stress and conflict, quiet your brain and body, improve sleep, and enhance immune system functioning.

Strategies to strengthen your social health

  • A Culture of Support
  • Resolution of Conflicts (personally and with others

Research has shown that individuals with consistent social accountability can maintain goals they set themselves over the course of five years a a success rate of 96% if they are engaged in a culture of support e.g. support groups, church related groups, etc.

Strategies to strengthen your spiritual health

  • Develop a relationship with yourself and your capacity to care for yourself
  • Develop of your faith/spiritual support:
  • Journal
  • Meditate

What is your over-arching sense of mission or calling? What has your life taught you about your gifts and interests? Do some soul searching to become clear about meaningful, purpose-driven, “others-centered” desires to pursue. Find a way to follow your healthy desires into your daily life so that you experience a deep sense of purpose and meaning on a daily basis.