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Womens Workshop

You matter! This 6-week workshop supports for women who have been affected by an incomplete relationship. Watch my video for you!

This workshop focuses on the recovery from emotional pain caused by losses due to ”incomplete” relationships of any kind. Relationships can be “incomplete”, due to, e.g.,
–Someone’s medical condition;
–Expected or unexpected changes (e.g., moving, career related changes, divorce, sudden death);
-Discovering your loved one’s secret behaviors and feelings of betrayal that may follow;
-The pain of hearing a disclosure;
–Breaking up of romantic relationships.

It’s normal to feel whatever you’re feeling, which usually is a painful mix of anger, hurt, fear and sadness – along with disappointment, confusion or embarrassment. Take the time you need for yourself. Reach out to safe people who can support you during this difficult time.

This workshop offers a supportive, safe, and caring environment designed to help female partners of individuals with sexual or relationship problems begin to recover a deep connection to themselves and to healing from the impact of the loved one’s problem behavior.

Each workshop starts with a brief summary presentation of to find an answer to the questions listed below, followed by time to give and receive feedback. There is no homework or active participation required for attending. Consider attending as many meetings as you are able to get the support, information, and direction you deserve. You may join the workshop during any week of the study. Be gentle with yourself. The actions outlined in this workshop will lead you to complete the pain caused by the loss. Consider engaging in them- no pressure to do so but an invitation to gently complete the pain you are dealing with.

•Week 1: Defining “Grief” and ”Recovery”
•Week 2: Myths about dealing with grief & commonly used, short-term strategies
•Week 3: Graphing your losses (timeline/history)
•Week 4: Identify which loss is incomplete: Your relationship’s timeline
•Week 5: Turning your relationship’s timeline into recovery components
•Week 6: Grief completion letter

Following the workshop, you get to have the option to remain connected and to keep working on completing your story:  Make use of the “Little Did I Know” community (access included with this workshop): be inspired by the “snippets” posted there as examples how you can describe your story without needing to be good at writing!

Dates: Mondays, 09/16/2019-10/21/2019

Time: 8:45-9:45 p.m. Pacific

Location: online (we use Zoom video calls)

$70 per session. This group is lead by a specialized psychologist and covers a series of focused topics.


The topics are taken from The Grief Recovery Handbook (you will not need to order a copy).

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I look forward to having you!


Sibylle Georgianna, Ph.D.

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