Resources for Healthy Sexuality In Southern California

Sexual Health Through Education and Skill Building

Group Workshops

Group Workshops:

Objective: Maintain Sustainable Stabilized Behavior
Treatment Type: Group face to face or calls
Typical Frequency: Weekly
Approximate Duration: 6 consecutive weeks, 6-12 months

Sexual addiction is a complex addiction but there is hope! As a trained Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT®), I have completed training developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes which requires attendance at multiple training modules and supervision with a CSAT Supervisor. It also requires ongoing education so that CSATs are experts in providing sexual addiction therapy. It is a rigorous process designed to help me best help you.

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For the one with the problem behavior(s):
Individual therapy and confidential workshops will help you master core recovery tasks for achieving your treatment goals. This approach provides the structure to sobriety and a life free of shame and compulsion.
– Individual therapy and workshops available;
– Confidential options for clergy/helping professionals;
– Sequential, multi-dimensional tasks;
– Subsequent treatment options available (e.g., Marital & Couples Therapy, Couples Sexual Therapy).

For the partner and family:
Spouses and partners of individuals struggling with sexual addiction or pre-cursors of sexual addiction experience anger, shame, confusion and isolation. Hypervigilance, anxiety, and stress can follow the discovery of sexual & love addiction. Psychoeducation about the addiction and fine-tuned recovery tasks help the partner develop healthy coping strategies. This approach results in increased self-esteem and a healthy sense of control.
– Individual therapy, workshops or couple’s counseling available;
– Sequential, multi-dimensional treatment through a task-based approach.
Dr. Patrick Carnes’ validated Task Model to treat addictions serves as the treatment route for behavioral and process addictions.

If you are a partner, take the Partner Sexuality Survey.