Resources for Healthy Sexuality In Southern California

Sexual Health Through Education and Skill Building

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment (Couples):
You don’t need to live with the limitations to your intimacy imposed by sexual dysfunctions in you or your partner. Receive a detailed, thorough assessment to set your treatment goals. Engage in Dr. Clifford & Joyce Penners’ Sexual Retraining Process to re-configure your sexual behaviors and communication style. This approach provides the structure for couples to engage in pain-free, demand-free, mutually satisfying intimacy experiences. Experiences are customized to meet individual and couple specific needs (e.g., medical conditions, trauma recovery, adjustment to physical maturation/aging).

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment (Individuals):
Join our monthly, confidential vaginismus group for women to master the challenges of your healing journey. Sign up for our partner/couple workshops (available upon request) where we partner with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Specialists to provide education and you will take the first steps to accomplish your healing journey.

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