Learning Paths Via Online Classes:

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or have experience with self-help and/or therapy and are looking for courses to enhance your skills and reach higher levels of self-awareness, people skills, and stress reduction, these learning paths will help you achieve your goal.

Mental Wellness 101: From Feeling Cray Cray to Cool and Options for Mental Wellness:

An essential course that provides an overview for anyone who wants to enhance calm and focus should take. The why, the how-to, and an outline of different options for you. View the class.

Breath and Movement Activities for Managing Emotional Triggers and Focus:

For those who are dealing with a lot. An introduction to the basic strategies you need to downshift your emotions and create focus. View the class.

Heal Your wife From The Betrayal You Caused:

For men who have caused betrayal, post-traumatic stress in their marriage. Stress-reduction, communication, and other relationship resources you need to help your wife heal from the impact of your behaviors. View the class.

From Betrayal to Choice and Voice One Day at a Time:

For women who have been affected by betrayal, post-traumatic stress, or simply handling too much. Stress-reduction, communication, and other relationship resources you need to (re)-build your powerful choices and more! View the class.

A Man’s Tools For Addressing Betrayal:

For men affected by betrayal, unfathomable losses, and/or disappointments by their significant other: the course you need to (re-build) confidence, communication and people skills, and a game plan on how to move forward in complex situations face-to-face and online. View the class.