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More And More Calm

Welcome to The More and More Calm Program!

The complimentary More and More Calm online course consists of videos, audio files, and cheat sheets to create a sense of healthy power and calm in our lives: research shows that certain strategies can calm our stress response and thereby increase our physical vitality and well-being. At the same time, every day we seem to be bombarded by the media with updates on crises, disasters, and tragedies while we are dealing with our personal lives and all there is to it. This can make us feel as if out of control situations, other people’s struggles with mental health, and uncontrollable circumstances are our daily bread and there is nothing that we can do about it. Subsequently we may feel that we do not have the strength to deal with life as it presents itself. Plus, we may not feel any desire for intimacy as our body, if not in “calm”, prepare for “fight or flight” where intimacy, connection, and sexual energy and desire are “switched off”.

How to get from “Fight or Flight” To “More and More Calm” and from there to “Interested in Relationships & Intimacy”

The complimentary More and More Calm online course will give you the tools to practice so called self-leadership. Self-leadership strategies have been found to increase your physical vitality through, e.g., breathing and slowing down (even if your mind does not want to slow down). Other self-leadership strategies can help increase constructive thoughts, successful behaviors, and your ability to create rewarding circumstances (despite of what we have to deal with).  Self-leadership strategies addressing your “physical vitality” will allow you to calm down your stress response. Being calm will allow you to make the best choices that you can and create calmness and health in yourself and those around you. Plus, pursue physical and non-physical intimacy. For more information on self-leadership strategies and how to use them for success, visit

Is More and More Calm for me?

Not everyone is a good fit for this program. I want you to be COMPLETELY clear if my  “More and More” Program is for you. This program is a good fit for five types of people. See if you are one of them.

#1: You are dealing with difficulties sleeping at night, feeling alert and good during the day, feelings of irritability and a “short fuse”: this program is for you!

#2: You are a “helping professional” or in any other “helping” role, educating yourself or another person about how to improve coping: you are a perfect fit.

#3: If you are not coaching/training/impacting someone else but are dealing with a relationship that gives you undefined feelings of tension, worry, changes in your eating and sleep patterns, this course is a good fit for you.

#4: The recent disasters have shaken you up to give [more] of your life to support others: the More and More Calm gives you your oxygen mask tools to create calm in order to help others in a sustainable way.

#5: If you struggle “getting in the mood”- this program is for you. Why? Because we need our nervous system switched on “calm” so that they body can generate a sense of arousal as a result of its calmness. Never put the two (calm + sex) together? Now is your chance!

Ready for More and More Calm?

I look forward to having you!