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Mindfulness Workshop


Do you have people to talk to on your treatment journey? Are you seeking relief from anxiety or chronic stress?
You are not alone.

Use your mind to relax your body and your mind. Studies show that a relaxed mind and body facilitate the healing process.

Deal with challenges that want to hinder you on your healing journey;

Develop positive thoughts about yourself and a healthy future.

These strategies have helped many patients to lower anxiety, pain perceptions and subsequently experience an improved healing process.

Sign up for an individual consultation or to join a small workshop (2-4 participants)


  1.  You will be guided through a relaxation protocol to relax your body; you will get receive a personalized relaxation protocol after the workshop.
  2. You will learn a strategy to relax your mind; you will receive instructions on how to continue using this strategy at home.
  3. You will learn a strategy to implement behavior that you intend to do and receive instructions on how to continue using this strategy at home.
  4. You will receive a strategy to renew the thoughts about yourself and the healing process; you will get personalized “words of appreciation” that help renew your thoughts.


Individual consultation: 55 minutes;

Workshop: 1.25 hours.


Upon request insurance reimbursement forms are provided to you to submit to your insurance carrier.

Facilitator: Sibylle Georgianna, Ph.D.

In person:
28202 Cabot Road Suite 300
Laguna Niguel CA 92677
via teleconferencing call (VSEE).

Contact Dr. Sibylle Georgianna

(917) 620 0481 (txt ok) or via email