How does treatment of addictive behaviors look like?

Why it is important to attend to our exposure to sexually explicit materials:

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Attending to What’s Underneath the Sex and other Addiction(s)/Betrayal Trauma

When a person has experienced abuse, addiction, neglect, enmeshment with family or other possibly traumatic events, it creates an incredible load. The events can be so stressful that a person’s stress response (to flee, fight, or freeze) is getting activated. Problematic behavior(s) serve as ways to “complete” the stress response that could not be resolved before. The greater the trauma, the greater the potential for a so called addiction/betrayal trauma intensity.

With very specialized EMDR protocols, disturbing memories that may be “fused” to these intricate survival needs can be gently attended to.

Treatment Outcomes of Addiction Treatment

With the use of EMDR therapy your body can gently resolve the traumatic memories. You can reduce your body’s  stress response. Thereby, the “need” for the unwanted behavior and/or addiction decreases. In some cases it may take 3-9 sessions, sometimes up to 20 sessions, depending on the how complex and wide-spread the trauma was.

The addiction or undesired behavior can decrease because the trauma load is lifting.

You get to  determine what truly works for you!

Your Recovery from (Multiple) Relationship , Sex, and/or Love Addiction(s) – An Intimacy Disorder that Deeply Affects Your Significant Other

You may think that you are seeking help because of your problematic behaviors. Even though you will see individual recovery tasks described below, I will share with you about the Multi Dimensional Partner Trauma Model and the Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model. These models will give you tools to bring healing to your relationship (which includes healing yourself): you will receive the relational skills you need to best navigate this difficult, complex situation with your significant other.

Understandably, you may be first and foremost be interested in helping/saving your relationship. Be encouraged with Dr. Jake Porter’s explanation of how your work may feel to you as you see your partner in a very hurt state:

Are you on the coaster? | Jake Porter | DarningVentures

The following 7 recovery tasks will help you stop your unwanted behavior(s). We will go through the tasks together as part of our collaborative work:

Overview of Recovery Task 1 of 7 for the recovery of one or multiple addiction(s) including from sex and unhealthy relationships: Assessment | Sibylle Georgianna

Overview of Recovery Task 2 of 7 for the recovery of one or multiple addiction(s) including from sex and unhealthy relationships: Identify your addictive cycle and disordered courtship behaviors | Sibylle Georgianna

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