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Sexual Health Through Education and Skill Building

Be the Best Parent Ever

I will work with you to become the best parent ever! This will be accomplished by helping you develop life skills as we work through the following five tasks:

  1. Develop courage instead of living with the unresolved;
  2. Move through pain instead of being affected by negative emotions;
  3. Find your calling instead of having to face lost dreams;
  4. Develop a healthy relationship with yourself;
  5. Develop healthy relationships instead of feeling resistance to come to your own health.

I will help to bring you courage instead of living with the unresolved. I will help you in your decision to come to your own healthy assistance. I will help you to create safety for your children and yourself by setting healthy boundaries. You will be able to deal with the challenge and equip to be the best parent ever as you build resilience and thereby gain a life-long learning experience.

Instead of dealing with unknown consequences and toxic feelings in a situation that brings you to seek help I will help you focus on your purpose and thereby develop commitment to move from legitimate suffering into behavior that is congruent with your own values.

I will help you to move beyond the crisis that brought you to my website where you faced that you lost your dreams on how your relationship with your kids or some circumstance would come about. Instead I will help you to commit and risk to develop new vision and to build a new zone where you can truly be the best parent ever. Through that help you develop this internal observer that helps you navigate new challenges.

I will help you to develop yourself and to come in a healthy way to your own assistance so you can learn to trust yourself and to take healthy responsibility and to create a vision and mission for your life and for your loved ones that is congruent in your values.

I will help you to accept help from others instead of sitting in resistance to change. I will help you roll that out to develop healthy relationships. How you would be able to gain that is to develop a network of people with whom you live, who hold you accountable of your efforts as a parent, people who support you and are on your side and want to help you live in healthy intimate relationships.

In summary I will help you to accomplish the above tasks. Each of these tasks will help you to develop five life-long healthy, sustainable behaviors.

  1. Gain the courage to engage in this learning process;
  2. Deal with pain in a healthy way to develop behavior that is congruent with your values and who you want to be;
  3. Pick up the cause to be the best parent ever and to develop this awareness of where you are the best parent ever and how you can be that way;
  4. Develop your relationship with yourself so that you can maintain focus on to what is important to you and your legacy;
  5. Develop healthy relationships in your life that hold you accountable to your efforts and to live in healthy consultation.