1. Welcome Video

2. What is Betrayal Trauma

3. Emergency Kit

Re-Establishing Your Choices

1. Trigger Management Handout

2. Trigger Management Video

3. Trigger Log- Increasing Self-Awareness Handout

4. Be Encouraged- What Others had to Say About Trigger Management

5. Trigger Log- Increasing Self-Awareness Video

6. Boundary Handout

7. Customizing Your Boundaries Video

8. Identifying Relationship Health: Green Yellow, and Red Behaviors Handout

9. Identifying Relationship Health Video

10. Creating an Online Usage Plan Handout

11. From Affected to Empowered Workbook

12. From Affected to Empowered Video

How To Effectively Communicate Your Choices

1. Two Way Communication Handout

2. Two Way Communication Video

3. Empathetic Assertiveness In Face-to-Face Relationships Handout

4. Empathetic Assertiveness in Face-to-Face Relationships Video

5. Communication Skills for Online Relationships Handout

6. Communication Skills for Online Relationships Video

7. Exploring Disengagement Handout

8. Exploring Disengaging Video

Next Steps

1. Words of Encouragement to Keep Going