Let’s face it: we all get easily overwhelmed

  • We have been through so much. We were forced to learn things that we did not wish for. We had to adjust to circumstances beyond our control. If you are like me, you faced challenges you never imagined you had to.
  • No wonder you may find yourself fidgety, unable to unwind and/or sleep, irritable in your relationships, and unable to focus on what you want to do. You may feel that you are losing your cool easily. What’s the point of trying?

Here’s the good news:

  • Research has found that our reptilian brain (AKA the part of our brains that drives our fight/flight/freeze response) is working overtime in times of uncertainty. That reptilian brain can give us the impression that we are stuck, life is hopeless, and won’t get better, even if there are opportunities waiting for us.
  • This free course will give you a quick self-assessment that will help you determine if your reptilian brain is running the show.
  • One video will walk you through a strategy to gently downshift your reptilian brain. That way, you can de-stress from today’s crazy busy world and unleash your focus, calm, and creativity.
  • You’ll receive different options on how to increase your focus, cool, and be the best (creative) you.

What you’ll get from taking this class (your learning outcomes):

Benefit # 1:

Understand if your emotions are triggered and are getting the best of you (e.g., feeling that your life is spinning out of control, rage, inability to sleep, feeling numb, feeling you cannot function). This class will help you gain clarity about your next steps.

Benefit # 2:

Identify what you will/will not do by looking at your options for focus, cool, and the bigger picture to pursue.

Benefit # 3:

The videos will help you to be present in your relationships, leading to more connections and enjoyment of your life instead of feeling empty and on edge.

What you’ll get in the class (your deliverables):

You will receive a free self-assessment and videos that will walk you through your assessment results, give you a strategy to shift your assessment results, and guide you through your available options.

Last but not least: visit my LearnDesk profile for information about my background, how to reach me, and what to do if you’re not happy with my class.

Talk soon,