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Self-leadership consists of strategies you use to LEAD YOURSELF for reaching your goals (including those pertaining to relationships and intimacy). Using self-leadership strategies is the key to optimize your personal growth and development.

Watch my video to learn more about self-leadership:

There are four types of self-leadership strategies: strategies to create

  • Constructive thoughts;
  • Successful behaviors;
  • Rewarding circumstances; and
  • Physical health and vitality.

To lead others, you can use the self-leadership strategies and role model them to others. That is what we call super-leadership!

Super-leadership consists of strategies used to TEACHING OTHERS TO LEAD OTHERS. Two ways to use super-leadership are:

  • Coaching and communicative support;
  • Facilitation of autonomous decision making.

Watch a summary video on super-leadership:

Interested in taking the self-leadership assessment? Access it here.