6 Weeks Men’s Workshop to Help Your Partner Heal from the Impact of Your Betrayal, Infidelity, and/or Sex Addiction

Join us for a 6 weeks, weekly workshop for men to add relationship tools to their tool box to address the betrayal they caused by their problematic behaviors and/or (multiple) addiction(s) :

Fridays: 09/09/2022 | 09/16/2022 | 0/23/2022 | 09/30/2022 | 10/07/2022 | 10/14/2022.

1:30-3:00 p.m. Pacific Time in person & via zoom

Cost: $77 per workshop session (group) or $120 per workshop session (individual)

Facilitator: Tim A. Reis

Workbook: Help Her Heal (Carol Juergensen Sheets)

REGISTER in 2 Steps:

(1) Access the workshop consent form, complete it (typing in your signature suffices) and email the form to Tim Reis at

(2) Complete the payment below:

Questions and/or comments CALL or TEXT Dr. Sibylle (917) 620-0481 | toolsforvitality@gmx.de

Workshop Agenda: Help Her Heal:

  • Session 1: Empathetic communication  (Individually: timeline and emotional restitution work; relationally: Acknowledge, Validate, Reassure (the AVR formula))
  • Sessions 2&3: Living amends: Relapse prevention (individually); practicing AVR;
  • Session 4: Give & receive comfort (individual and relational strategies)
  • Session 5: staying present: addressing fears in a straightforward fashion (e.g., safety concerns, abandonment) (individual and relational strategies)
  • Session 6: Examples of emotional intimacy (=Ability to give & receive without demand/defensiveness) (individual and relational strategies)