6 Weeks Men’s Workshop to Help Your Partner Heal from the Impact of Your Betrayal, Infidelity, and/or Sex Addiction

Join this workshop on 6 Fridays to address the betrayal caused by problematic behaviors and/or (multiple) addiction(s) and attend to the healing of your most important relationship:


Noon-1:30 p.m. Pacific Time via zoom

Cost: $77 per workshop session (group)

Facilitator: Sibylle Georgianna

Workbook: Help.Them.Heal. (Carol Juergensen Sheets)


(1) If this is your first workshop with Dr. Sibylle, please access and download the workshop consent form, complete it (typing in your signature suffices) and email the form to Sibylle Georgianna at


If you have already participated in a workshop and previously submitted the workshop form, you may skip ahead to step 2.
(2) Complete the payment below:



Questions and/or comments CALL or TEXT Dr. Sibylle (917) 620-0481 | toolsforvitality@protonmail.com

Workshop Agenda: Help Her Heal:

  • Session 1 (01/27/23): Empathy Builder Putting Yourself Into Your Significant Other’s Shoes: Her Impact Statement.
  • Session 2 (02/03/23): Identifying the Power Of Feelings plus: Her needs; -AVR.
  • Session 3 (02/10/23): Your & Her Vesuvius Letter.
  • Session 4 (03/03/23): Her, your, and your joint losses.
  • Session 5 (03/10/23): 5 Indicator of Post Traumatic Growth.
  • Session 6 (03/17/23): Building a Joint Vision.