Resources for Healthy Sexuality In Southern California

Sexual Health Through Education and Skill Building


Sexual Health of Orange County CA is a therapy practice with emphasis on holistic, sustainable health including sexual health. Treatment options range from consultations and workshops with focus on skill building, psycho-education (that is, education based on the newest neuro-scientific research available) to trauma reduction therapy, sex addiction therapy (to help the client reduce compulsive behaviors), and sex therapy (to help the client reduce sexual dysfunctions and difficulties). Individual consultations, workshops, and customized therapy are provided for individuals with lacking skills, problem behaviors, and/or trauma as well as their partners and loved ones.

Those who are dissatisfied with a “one size fits it all” approach will receive a detailed assessment and customized treatment solutions that create holistic sexual health in line within the client’s values. Each client and their loved one(s) are treated as unique cases, shaped by their unique circumstances.