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Sexual Health Through Education and Skill Building

February 1, 2018
by sibyllemzb

Helping Professionals Cheat Sheets To Breakthrough

Are you desiring breakthrough in your life? In your clients’ lives? As you are reading this, I can see that you are already a Master in creating situations that bring breakthrough. You ask me how I know that you are … Continue reading

Increase Physical Vitality: Technology At Night Time

November 20, 2017 by sibyllemzb | 0 comments

Are you struggling with unwinding from your day? Getting your mind to calm down after a day of one-thing-after-another?

Learn how technology can have an effect on your ability to calm down and fall asleep in the evening. Watch this video to see how to make a change that will allow your body to improve resting and calm.

Benefit: Following the instructions provided in this video will help your nervous system to go into “calm” mode, even if you are not sleeping: this bedroom ritual will help your body anticipate what will come next. It will help you conserve your energy.

November 22, 2016
by sibyllemzb

Dreading the Holidays? Feeling the shoe is going to drop? Fearing the same-old-same-old holiday madness? ARE YOU READY FOR A CHANGE?

Here it is…:

The Survive and Thrive during Your Holidays webinar. What you will learn in this webinar:

  • How to use 4 ways to be TRUE to yourself, 3 secret strategies And 2 ways to pursue your 1 true mission during the holidays;
  • How to implement your true mission no matter what comes your way
  • How this pursuit will give you peace of mind, better coping, and joy despite of busyness and demands.

Click here to get started!

Survive and Thrive in Relationships

October 25, 2016 by sibyllemzb | 0 comments

Do you feel you are barely surviving in your relationships? Are you longing to thrive in your relationships?

I created the “How to Survive and Thrive in Relationships” YouTube playlist with videos on how to survive and thrive in relationships. Each video highlights a different strategy how to survive and thrive. Watch the introduction video. Please email with any suggestions for a new video to this series!