Let’s face it: we all are on our devices way too much every day :/

What else do you expect when Apple, Google, Instagram, and Facebook give us things to play and distract ourselves with?

However, you may find yourself fidgety, unable to unwind and/or sleep, irritable in your relationships, and unable to focus on what you want to do when you find yourself scrolling, app hopping, and/or with fear of missing out when you put down your device.

If you’re tired of slow, repetitive, and boring courses that keep you out of the driver’s seat, I’ve got the perfect course for you: Giving you videos on how you can de-stress from today’s crazy busy world and unleash your focus, calm, and creativity with a perfect mix of information and hands-on practice. Videos walk you through what to do when you feel triggered and fear losing it, frozen, or stuck to be the Yoda of navigating today’s crazy busy world.

You may also find yourself with the above symptoms if you had a lot going on growing up and had to deal with neglect, (complex) post-traumatic stress, and/or some form of chronic pain.

What you’ll get from taking this class (your learning outcomes):

Benefit 1:

Learn to de-activate emotional triggers (e.g., feeling that your life is spinning out of control, rage, inability to sleep, feeling numb, feeling you cannot function). This class will help you regain a sense of control, calm, and clarity about your next steps.

Benefit 2:

Identify what you will/will not do to get to more calm better sleep, and better connections.

Benefit 3:

  • Each strategy will help you to be present in your relationships, leading to more connections and enjoyment of your life instead of feeling empty and on edge.
  • You will receive step-by-step videos.

What will you learn in this course?

In this course, you will learn some very simple, easy to do exercises with your body and with your mind which can be done at home, in the office, or whenever you have a spare moment.

Who should take this course?

This course is especially important for anyone who is on technology and devices on a daily basis. Don’t let your anxiety pile up, invest in your (mental) health today because you can’t afford to NOT have mental wellness. I can’t wait to have you!


Dr. Sibylle