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Sexual Health Through Education and Skill Building


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Your Success In Face-to-face And Online Relationships

Living in the digital age, a global economy, and as part of a diversified workforce place a great need of developed skills to understand different types of people, groups (e.g., formal vs. informal, interest groups vs. categorical groups, groups based on shared cultural values) as well as the dynamics accompanying everything (e.g., face to face and online communication, variation in conflict resolution based on modality of communication used and cultural backgrounds). What does this have to do with sexual health? A LOT!

This blog equips and empowers you to develop holistic health (including your sexuality), become a master of today’s online and face-to-face relationships. It does not matter if you want to be The Best Parent Ever as a mentor, if you are a therapist and are looking for tools for your clients, or if you are simply affected by today’s (more and more) complex relationships- the tools that you are receiving here are applicable no matter what role you are in. Don’t feel discouraged or dismiss the importance to explore even if it feels unpleasant, uncomfortable, or neutral/not working. Instead, overcome your preconceived notions or stereotypes by exposing yourself to different ideas, people, groups, and modalities of communication.

And most importantly: enjoy! Have fun! Try things out and let me know what works for you, what does not work for you, what to keep, and what to set aside.

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