6 Bimonthly Workshop Sessions to Help Your Nervous System Heal from the Impact of Too Much Too Soon, Too Much for Too Long, or Not Enough for Too Long

Everything I do I do because I have seen great changes come about using simple tools that allow the body to finish up and release saved up stress responses. Me looking through the lens of my autonomic nervous system changed the way I understood my own and other people’s stories. I changed how I  engaged with the world, myself, and others. I came to realize that the simple activities of daily living offered ongoing opportunities for shaping my nerves, my reactions, and my resilience toward everyday challenges.

In this workshop we try out simple practices to nurture our nervous system and add tools to our tool box to not only survive but to thrive in today’s complex world.

Join this workshop on 6 Thursdays to attend to the healing, restoration, and/or shaping of your body’s most important “system”: your nervous system




10-11:15 a.m. Pacific Time in person & via zoom


$77 per workshop session (group)


Sibylle Georgianna

REGISTER in 2 Steps:

(1) If this is your first workshop with Dr. Sibylle, please access and download the workshop consent form, complete it (typing in your signature suffices) and email the form to Sibylle Georgianna at


If you have already participated in a workshop and previously submitted the workshop form, you may skip ahead to step 2.
(2) Complete the payment below or email toolsforvitality@protonmail.com to set up payment for one workshop session at a time:

Questions and/or comments? CALL or TEXT Dr. Sibylle at (917) 620-0481  or E-MAIL toolsforvitality@protonmail.com

Workshop Details*

  • Session 1 (03/02/23): Introduction to “polyvagal exercises” that teach us how to befriend our nervous systems. Explore with us how to engage the power
    of your Vagus nerve system to move out of automatic survival responses into the possibilities that are waiting for you!
  • Session 2 (03/16/23): Harnessing the power of your feelings: from glimmer to glow.
  • Session 3 (03/30/23): Let’s get moving (shaping your brain- and optionally, your body).
  • Session 4 (04/20/23): In key words: May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be safe. May you live with ease.
  • Session 5 (05/04/23): You are now the expert: finding and using your vagal “break”.
  • Session 6 (05/16/23): Creating your personalized plan to use your tools and maintain your expertise. Next steps for ongoing support and connection.

* Changes to be above schedule may occur as workshop sessions are customized to participants’ needs as they arise. This workshop is co-hosted by Tools for Sustainable Vitality Inc., Dr. Sibylle’s company for mental wellness tools.

Dr. Sibylle Georgianna

I look forward to seeing you!